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Elegant finish to the bottom of your walls

Baseboards are an important architectural component used to create an aesthetically pleasing joint where the wall meets the floor.  Add an enhanced decorative look to your room with our selection of baseboards.

Skirting MD0140
Skirting MD0140

MD140 - Height: 5 1/2 inch (140mm)

Baseboard 02 end 2.jpg
Baseboard 02.jpg

Milano - Height: 4 3/4 inch (120mm)

Baseboard 03 end.jpg
Baseboard 03.jpg

MD017 - Height: 6 inch (150mm)

Skirting MD028 side.jpg
Skirting MD028

MD028 - Height: 4 inch (100mm)

Baseboard 04 end.jpg
Baseboard 04.jpg

MD070 - Height: 4 inch (100mm)

Baseboard 01 end 2.jpg
Baseboard 01.jpg

HN8518 - Height: 4 inch (98mm)

Door Casing 01 end 2.jpg
Door Casing 01.jpg

DC1 - Width: 3 inch (80mm )

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